Therapeutic Products for Natural Neuropathy Pain Relief

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Our Materials

Offering You an Alternative to Invasive Therapies

Our products emit a soothing, thermal warmth to relax muscles and promote circulation. These products are based upon a natural, age old, thermal technology that originated with the Chinese and was used in ancient civilizations such as the Finns, American Indians, and Romans.

We specialize in Ceramic materials. This means that 30 lead free minerals are impregnated into the threads of our fabrics during the weaving process.

As a result, our fabrics directly emit far-infrared rays through the subcutaneous tissue (skin) in order to penetrate and be absorbed within the deep tissue level.

Far-Infrared rays are an invisible, low range ray found on the electro-magnetic spectrum. Far-infrared rays activate vibration at the cellular level which begins the increase in blood circulation, dilation of capillaries, and supplies oxygen flow to the muscles.

Some effects of our materials:

  • Increased Blood Circulation (i.e. Dilation of Capillaries)
  • Supplying Oxygen to the Muscles
  • Supples, Relaxes, Warms, and Restores Muscle Tissue
  • Reduce Recovery Time
  • Promotes Metabolism
  • Reduces Swelling in Joints, Tendons, and Ligaments
  • Aids in Pain Relief
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